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Have you got a business idea and want to own the domain for it? Do you want to have a website and email addresses for that domain? If yes, we can help you. Maybe you already have an email address with a free provider such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo. Why not make your email address more professional looking by having a hosting package with us?


Our hosting packages provide the tools you need if you are just starting a business venture on your own, to out-right well established organisations.

You can register a domain through us (as long as it's not taken already!) and simply let us do the hard work of making a web-space and email addresses available to you and your organisation. You can even set up email aliases which forward so for example forward to

We also provide a do-it-yourself website tool to enable you to create your own website within minutes if you wish. If you don't want the hassle of designing your own website, we work hand in hand with web-site designers of your choice, or we can recommend some that best suit your business type.

Give us a call today and find out how we can help you!

We aim to answer customer contacts of any kind within 2 working days, but please include as much information as possible, and at least one UK telephone number. Please use the email contact link at the top of this page for any sales queries you may have.

In the highly unlikely event of wishing to place a complaint, or to contact us because you are receiving abuse digitally though one of the domains purchased through ourselves, please use the email contact link above. Escalations can only be placed over the phone on the number above if the first outcome is non-satisfactory.

Nominet’s Terms and Conditions

When registering a .uk domain name with us you agree also to Nominet’s domain name registration Terms and Conditions:
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